Why Funny video so Popular

First we will discuss about the video what is video and why we make videos? And second discuss about the history of videos. And third one discuss about the popularity of the videos. Videos basically are an electronic medium to use recording and some type of recording the images called videos. Different type of definitions provides the internet but I think so this is the best way to elaborate the videos. You can say that in video you can capture some visual media or capture some picture in some sequence called videos.
Corresponding to the Wikipedia video was first developed in mechanical television and mostly technology introduce the further time. Which are quickly replaced by the cathode ray tube? I am not sure about the history but corresponding by the Wikipedia information shared in this blog.
That’s why the videos convert into different name like funny movies, funny video, Funny clips basically funny clip is a short clip that contain on some funny images. When someone capture the funny art or images that makes relax your mind and release your tension. That’s why the people like the funny content that provide the internet online and people get the benefit for some type of content. And mostly people like to watch the funny content like funny videos that contains some funnyjokes or some type of funny expression see which your mind relax and to forget all the tensions and work overload.
The Question is that why the funny video is so popular today o think so funny and people like to watch unique and funny content mostly user shared some video in social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, And shared some unique content different Facebook pages that make only for funny content and people like this page and shared this video to make a laugh.
And second one when you create your own videos then make it unique don’t copy for the peoples because people like the unique video.
I am discuss in previous article the funny videos is the best medicine for health and best for our health and also discuss the advantages due to funny content like online games for benefits also discuss in previous article. And mostly other benefits that helps to our body protect with different diseases that make are body harmful. I think so these reason are best for why the funny video most popular in the world.
Scientific research approve that the fun and laughter that feel your good is really helpful your body and fun basically use as a pain killer to your body rather then you will reduce your stress through the medicine you should use this technique that are really helpful for you. Basically laughter makes a blood circulation improve in your body and effect in your heart diseases. So always make happy in your life and shared happiest moment in your life.

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