Top 5 Best comedy movies

There are many activities to make happy and laugh. We will discuss in the previous articles that use to smile on the face and use to reduce our depression. Different activity perform like when someone bored in our daily life and daily routine then he/she spend some time for entertainment hobby like play cricket, football, badminton and other online games and different people watch the different things in free time like watch the comedy movies belongs to Bollywood, Hollywood and other type of industry to belongs watch and spend the time to relax our body and reduce the stress.   
Like top 5 movies contain on the Charley Chaplin, zoo lander, and other movies are the best comedian scene contain in this videos.  Zoo lander is an interesting family movie you can watch with family and entertain the movie with most laughs. I am sure you like this movie and like the comedy scene in these movies that make your smile on the face.
Side kick is an another interesting animated movie I am shared the funny clip of this video in the start of the article I am sure people like this video and shared in the social media places like Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Google +, amazing comedy movies people like those movies which one contain many interesting acts perform in the videos or clips. And I am already discussing in the previous article the people always like the unique ideas that acts in videos.
Toy story is another interesting movies in the internet you can watch this animated movie I am sure you like this movie.
Shrek is another animated movie I think so everyone knows about the Shrek the green animated character watch in this movie. And the mostly child watch this movies and like this movie on different characters. I think so now days Shrek 2 will be coming and different acts perform in this movie I am sure this movie is an also interesting and people like this movie.
Another interesting movie kung Fu panda really amazing marshal ate movie where the panda make as actor with master. And Different other actors perform as well in this movie and mostly people like this movie mostly child like this movie and shared with friends. Now a day’s most interesting movie introduced in the market like jungle book is an amazing movie and amazing acts perform on different animals. All the comedy movies play a positive role in our life they think make a positive in the life and take a good descion in our life. Not an funny movies but mostly people watch the funny video also and different peoples entertain with friends with different type of funny jokes and different community enjoy like mostly child enjoy with the different type of funny cartoon videos entertain and enjoy the internet on different games every person even child relax or spend time with funny hobby so be happy and make a smile on your face.

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