How To Relief stress Or Depression through Funny Images

In this article we will discuss about How to relief stress or depression through funny photos. First of all we will discuss about the stress or depression in our daily life that are really dangerous for our life or our body. Stress and Depression are two different things stress has a different symptoms when a stress occur on the person and depression has the different symptoms show to our body.
Some Symptoms are same in Depression and the stress just like,
·         The Sleeping pattern is not good in your life.
·         The healthy food not include in your life that are really bad thing in your life. That will effect in your body and your brain activity.
·         Feeling Angry when someone wrong with your Mood Expression
·         You feel always look like a tired and feel not energy in your body.
·         Change the Eating plan for example you are not eating food in time.
Stress is in short Time and Depression for a long time. If someone has to stress for anything and he/she can’t overcome this type of feeling then it will convert to the Depression and its really harmful your body and your life.
Now I’ll be discuss about the Funny images that relief your stress and your depression many other things are also used to reduce stress or depression but I am discuss on this topic. There are two things in funny word one thing is Fun and second thing is joy. Fun and joy are look like same in meaning but some difference in these two words.
  Fun is a real thing in life for example you take a process or doing something in real action performs. Real action performs like the meaning physical activity performs in your life that feels you good and removes some stress or depression.
   Joy is not action or physical Movement it’s only in your brain that fell like good and joy able. For example you look like and an image that is looking so funny to you and you feel better. We can say that joy is only your thoughts and your brain.
    Fun is loudly effect in your body for example you laugh loudly then your tears are run on your chicks and you feel like good.
      But in joy you are not laughing loudly only you are feeling some happiness and feel better.
Fun is really so excited in the world Different person find some fun on different things not only find the funny photos. Funny Images is an interesting thing to reduce stress and find fun but people find more and more about images. Just like funny videos, funny clips, Comedy Movies, Funny Jokes on get together.
Laughter is very helpful and beneficial for your health and your body. Some funny wallpaper makes you feel good and feel happiness. There are many way to reduce the stress or depression but one of my best ways to reduce the stress and depression through Funny wallpapers. Different type of funny papers are also provided to the different sites for example the curtness of the baby ,  funny animals look like an editing image, has a good technique used to smile on your face. To spend this time looking different funny photos and change your mind and change your mood.

Scientific research approve that the fun and laughter that feel your good is really helpful your body and fun basically use as a pain killer to your body rather then you will reduce your stress through the medicine you should use this technique that are really helpful for you. Basically laughter makes a blood circulation improve in your body and effect in your heart diseases. So always make happy in your life and shared happiest moment in your life. 

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