How to make a unique Funny Videos?

First of all I am describing the word of fun many people think about the fun. Like many questions in our mind one of them common question is that what is fun?
Fun basically describe the different words person says the fun is an entertainment, enjoyment, and feel pleasure moment of the life is fun. We can do fun in mostly ways like physically attributes, psychologically. But I have an idea to make fun through make unique funny videos.
Some people question in our mind how to make a unique and common funny video. If the people watch this video then people make a fun and entertain this video. Basically fun is another important task to relax your mind and remove your tension in your mind. Basically this is the big Advantage to use for fun. Mostly people have a work tension in our mind and they have not a time to discuss with friend and no time to enjoy the company of a friend. Then some time he can watch the funny clips, or see the funny jokes use to relax our mind.
Basically Different steps follow to make unique videos,
                     First of all you need an a director writer that write your script and you will need the cameraman , Actor the actor familiar with funny moments and familiar with the funny tone and expressions. And people familiar with good laughs.
                         Second step to brainstorm your ideas that are good or not shared in Facebook, twitter, Google+ , and shared with friends. If your video idea is good then people must be promoted to your idea and then  your confidence level build and then move on your third step.
                            And third step is most important don copy the idea from any site or any other material.
             And fourth step also an important to your making Funny videos to choose your own location or choose simple location like your House place, your colony, etc.  Natural place select for your video.
              And then create your own script the script contains different jokes; Different funny dialog and other physical activity evolve in this step.
                         And then your actor familiar with the script and make funny look like the script. The Actor is most important to make videos. The actor expression looks like a funny or idea to how to make funny?
                         And then lights camera and action
                          Eights step is most important for videos edit the video edit by some editing software.
                         And then shared your videos on different social media places like YouTube, Facebook, and Google+.
In the past the research based theory view in Internet.  The Funny clips have a huge popularity because the funny type of videos can release your stress and release your depression as well. And mostly people enjoy this type of videos.  Who provide the good content and provide the unique content the user like the content and entertain the content. And Different Advantages occur in your personality.
One of the most and important advantage in your personality can impact in your body. Basically relax your body and release your tension.
Smiling system basically boost your immune system (basically defense the infection in your body).Keep watching funny jokes relevant video, watching funny clip and etc., that make you happy and fresh.

So keep smiling in your life smile is most important part in your life.
So keep smiling in your life smile is most important part in your life.

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